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My morning routine for a productive day | Cedar City, UT Photographer

You guys, I truly believe that having a good morning routine is super helpful in starting your day off right.

I used to waste soooo much time just surfing the net. Now don't get me wrong, I found a lot of good deals on shoes, kids clothes, and anything else I thought I needed at the time, but I quickly realized it wasn't worth it. I wasted a LOT of time!

I hired a Life Coach and she taught me some amazing time management skills as well as other life skills of course. Today we will focus on time management and how a great morning routine can make or break your day:

• I wake up at 4:10am Monday through Friday so during the week, I am in bed by 8:30pm. This probably sounds crazy to most, but I have seen a huge change in my level of focus as well as productivity.

We as humans are creatures of habit + I have quickly realized that it might take a minute to develop one, but once we do, we run through our routine like clockwork each day.

For the past few months I have really been working on getting into a consistent routine because I am more productive in the morning.

My morning routine:

I wake up at 4:10am and sneak into the bathroom while trying not to disturb the sleeping hubby!

I put on my workout clothes, brush my hair and throw on a track jacket so I look like I got a little dressed up.

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I head to the kitchen to make my Green Tea and fill my Yeti up with water.

I teach with VIPKID from 4:30-6am Monday through Friday.

As soon as I'm done teaching, I turn on a workout from Beachbody on Demand and get my sweat on! I have loved having this just for the mere fact that I get bored following one single program for too long. This has so many options so I can add variety into my life! I have four kids and three of them are in school. This allows me to workout from home quickly and efficiently so I can be with them before they leave.

Once I'm done with my workout I'll eat breakfast + get something for the kids.

I'll sit down to eat with them and write in my journal. I always love to write at least three things that I am grateful for. This might not get done everyday, but I have made it a point to write it at least once per week, but I have to think it and say it out loud to myself daily. This is one of Jack's favorite things to do with me + I hope it sticks for a while!

As soon as the kids are on the bus, I clean the house up and get to work on editing or anything that needs to be done for my business that day.

I have come to realize that as soon as I open my phone without intention, I end up falling down the rabbit hole + never making it out for at least 30 minutes. What a waste!

The night before I always make a list of things that need to be done + order them by priority. If it doesn't have to be done that day, I set a time limit for each item. Once the timer goes off for one, I move onto the next. This allows me to baby step through large projects by completing a little each day. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed and everything gets done on time or a little early!

My goal for 2020 has been to live with more intention and if I have no intention on spending mindless amounts of time on Instagram then I will intentionally just leave the phone on the counter ;)

I'd love to hear what your morning routine looks like! Leave me your comments and tell me what has worked for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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