Emmi Newborn | Cedar City, UT Photographer

I don't always have room for last minute sessions, but when I do, it makes my heart happy especially when I get to capture the newest addition + hang outside!

I have shot so many Outdoor Newborn Sessions this summer and I love them so much. I love being outdoors + stepping out of the studio is refreshing at times.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy to have a studio to escape to when the weather gets cold, but to have the ability to be outside and capture your family laughing, playing, and allowing the kids space to roam makes my heart happy.

This mama was down visiting her sister and texted me to see if I had any availability before they went home + I am so grateful I was able to squeeze them in and dress mama! She didn't have to run to store to shop... I mean, I know we all like to shop from time to time, but sometimes trying to find that perfect photo piece can be tricky when your store resources are limited.

I got her size, sent her photos of what I had and she shopped my studio closet which was sooo much easier than trying to find something in our little town!

She's had two NICU babies and never really had the opportunity to get newborns taken. She said with her first, she tried taking her to JCPenney, but she pooped all over everything and cried the entire time! Now, they run on a time limit and you get what you get....no customization there!

Her second baby, Gus, was born at 30 weeks and in the NICU for a little while so she was beyond happy to have some regular newborn photos taken + a healthy baby!

We ran and played + dad did his best to make mom laugh because she told me she has a weird photo smile!

It was so much fun, the weather was perfect, and beautiful memories were captured!! I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity!