November 29 Episode

As women, we tend to accommodate others at our own expense. Then we wake up one day, and realize we don’t even know what we want anymore.

As we grow, our experiences shape us and WE change our views. Sometimes they don’t align with what our parents have in mind, and that’s okay! When we get older, we realize what we want to take on to shape us and our family to come. Our experiences shape us and change our views.

Shift your perspective to fit you best. It’s okay to be WHO YOU ARE. Let go of the judgement of parents, family members, friends, coworkers. You are the one allowing that fear to hold you back. People will judge if you do, and people will judge if you don’t. Take control of your life. Live life for YOU. Trying to keep someone else comfortable, just puts yourself down. Put yourself first!

Pull beliefs out and decide what you want to take with you. What do you want to continue? What do you want to let go?

We see friends come and go in our lives. Some stick around, some come and go, and that’s okay! It is simply the ebb and flow of life. It’s good to reflect, change, and allow growth. Those that truly create amazing things and have changed the world, have been the ones who step out of their comfort zone.

Decide what you want to put value on. And think, are you valuing yourself? Step out of your comfort zone and make the choice to chase your dream. Go after the dream and stop living the safe life. Go into uncharted territory, and BURN THE BOATS! Don’t go back. One day, they will see the changes you’re making, the success you’re having! All you really need is a little faith to make shit happen. Do not let that internal battle stir up inside you, when someone tells you they don’t see how your dream is going to work. You know you best! Tune their voice OUT. Chase the dream. Get to work!