Easton turns one | Cake Smash Session | Southern Utah Photographer

I was so excited when mom called to set up a One Year Session for this boy! I photographed him in his mama's belly and as a newborn so I couldn't wait to see how much he has changed this past year.

There is nothing I love more than watching your babies grow and having the opportunity to photograph each milestone beautifully for you. I love capturing them sitting up, their toothless grin, their toothy grin, crawling + walking on wobbly legs. They change so much + their personalities are so big! It makes me happy to capture it all for you to look back on with them as they get older.

This family is so sweet and Easton was hilarious during this shoot. At first he really wasn't sure. He would only stare at me with the same look on his face + wanted nothing to do with giving any attention to his mom or dad! Eventually he warmed up and we were able to capture that toothy grin and more of his personality.

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Oh this boy was adorable + he did NOT like his cake! ha Mom put one bite in his mouth and by the look on his face and the way he gagged it down, we thought he was going to barf! He had never really had sugar before so it was new territory to him and he was so funny. He would push his mom's hand away anytime she tried to give him a bite after that and he kept sliding the cake away from him.

When he was digging into it, he would play and then smear it across the floor, down his leg + then he realized we were going to let him smear it in his hair too! He had zero interest in another taste, but was more than happy to share with dad!

Seriously, these sessions are so much fun + I promise the cake is delish! It is always my favorite thing to see is how each kid reacts to being able to eat it. At first they aren't sure about making the mess because they've never been allowed to just smash a cake.

After a few minutes, they either cry or go to town! Easton never cried, but he wasn't going to town. He was happy dipping his fingers and smearing it around, but he was not about to eat another bite!