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Our Building ColdStrike Journey | A year of Reflection building a product-based business

Let’s go backwards a little bit to get to where we are now…

Dustin and I have been married for over 14 years -- I was pregnant at 19, marriage was rough + hunting was a HUGE sore spot in our relationship! We finally came to a compromise a few months in that he could go every other weekend and things grew from there… including his love and passion for hounds.

Fast forward to 2019, we set out on our family adventure and became @TheHuntingFam on Instagram! We really didn’t have a lot of goals for it at the time, but we knew we wanted to document our journey + life, educate those who don’t understand more about hunting, inspire families to brave the mountains together.

As we began hunting together as a family, I quickly realized it was SO hard to find anything for the kids in general. I was so frustrated with the lack of gear for Houndsmen! I wanted to look good as well as be comfortable, and Dustin just wanted something that served its purpose with great quality.

If you’ve been following our Building ColdStrike Series on this Podcast, you know the amount of work it took to get us where we are today. We wanted to become the one-stop shop for houndsmen and their families. When we made the decision to keep taking baby steps in moving toward our new goal, we seemed to meet the right people or be placed in the right situations. I’ll be the first to tell you we had NO clue what we were doing. I didn’t know the first thing about designing our own line, marketing, or how to launch a product.

ColdStrike gives me more time to spend with my family on the mountain, still use my skills + passion for photography, and live a life we truly love. We wanted to live while inspiring you to do the same.

We are just ordinary people that woke up one day and made a decision to be different: to push the fear aside and realized time can’t be replaced. If there’s something you want to do, just JUMP IN AND DO IT.

Now I’m right here launching a dream because I got resourceful. I made a decision that was a come hell or high water, I was making this shit happen and no one is going to stop me anymore, not even that villain inside my head telling me I can’t.

YOU CAN DO IT TOO. I truly + deeply hope you know that it is simply one decision and baby steps day after day to get you where you want to go. Look at that first step right in front of you and as you go along, the path does get clearer + you gain skills and qualify yourself along the way. Don’t let fear keep holding you back! Remember: IMPOSSIBLE = I’M POSSIBLE.

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