Photographing babies first year of life | Cedar City, UT Photographer

For those of you that know me know that I looooove being able to see that sweet new bundle of yours grow up! Kids change so much during the first five years of their life and I love being able to capture their story beautifully for you.

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Just think, at the end of their five years of life you can put together a beautiful album that documents it all. Come back year after year and make a new one every few years. Think of how fun it will be to pass these down to your kids once they get older and they can show the grandkids.

I love being able to photograph not only your baby, but you with them. Dad wants to come along? Why not?! I always push moms to exist in photos because one day when you are gone, your kids will be looking for a tangible memory to hold onto. I really feel like I find myself saying this a lot, but I have so many people reach out to me when a parent passes to tell me that they were so glad that they booked the session.

Anyways, kids also hit soooo many milestones during their first year of life and their story should be documented beautifully for you. They start as a newborn and can't do much, they learn to rollover, sit up, crawl, and walk. It is mind blowing how much they figure out during that first year of life.

When you place it in the photographer's hands, it takes a load of stress off of you. All you have to do is get yourself to the studio and I will take care of the rest! I have a full wardrobe for kids as well as mamas so put a little makeup on, fluff up your hair like you normally do and head on over!