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Reflecting on the Halloween Party that Changed it All

We started a business called ColdStrike, designing our own pantline for houndsmen! We have just started our launch… and it has caused me to want to reflect!

Last year at this time, we were seriously ready to throw in the towel! COVID came… ugh. It threw a wrench through the WORLD!

We had the designs all drawn up, met up with a potential fit with a shop, called other shops all over the U.S., nothing was working.

We were so discouraged. We had almost given up hope and stopped pushing as hard. We decided to go to my friend’s Halloween party, and it hit about 8:30 pm. We decided to show up, and we started talking to other people about ColdStrike and what we wanted to do! He decided to make us an introduction, and this could not have fallen into our laps any easier or more perfectly.

This is where everything changed. We shifted into “GO” mode, and reached out to the shop.

Now, we’re here at getting our second sample almost done!

When you’re about to throw in the towel, just keep going. Keep taking steps forward, even if they’re baby steps.

The universe will test you. How serious are you? How bad do you want this? DON’T give up. Always take a step forward, no matter how hard it gets. One decision can change the entire trajectory of your life! SOMETHING will come from every decision you make in your life.

Our dreams would have died had we decided to give up. It will be tough, tiring, expensive, but it will be WORTH EVERY BIT.

Let our story inspire you to keep going. Learn from us, and allow that one decision to lead your path. Put one foot in front of the other, and DON’T give up! If it’s something you truly want in life, take every, any, and ALL opportunities to meet new people and get your name out there.

If this dream was placed in your heart, it was meant to happen. It may not work how you picture in your mind, but you’ll learn something new and have fun along the ride! You will learn from every single failure -- failures are not just failures -- they’re learning experiences!

You never know what may just change your life.

THANK YOU for being here, talk to you next time!

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