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Gifting Photo Sessions to yourself | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

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There's nothing I love more than when women come to me and gift a session to themselves. This is something that I don't do often enough and gosh there is something so empowering about having yourself photographed and being able to view yourself as others do.

I feel that these sessions give you such an opportunity to see yourself through someone else's lens + love yourself a little more.

When Ruth called me needing a session last minute, I was so happy to accommodate. With the world being the way it was, she was unable to try the dresses she purchased for it in store and she was grateful I could provide backup in case they didn't fit.

She knows herself well because they fit her beautifully and she was gleaming from ear to ear during her session.

I take so much pride in being able to pose you in the most flattering ways for your shape and to capture your beauty in the perfect light to enhance those features you love most about yourself.

My sessions are so relaxed that even those of you who hate having your photos taken will feel at ease. I love creating such a fun experience for you that you'll almost forget that I have a camera in my hands.

I love getting to know each and every one of you because you all have different stories and beautiful souls. Gosh, the people in this world are gooood!

When this mama told me her kids were grown, I was shocked. She doesn't look old enough to have kids in their 20's does she?

I feel like we are so hard on ourselves and we wear so many hats that we forget to take the time and see how beautiful we truly are until we allow someone else in and allow them to show us.


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