Saying NO and Walking Through your Doorway

Imagine going through a narrow doorway, trying to fit 20-30 people through at the same time. Is it going to work? NO!

There’s really no option to stepping out, making change, than MOVING FORWARD! Don’t just step in… JUMP into the next thing that gets you closer to your DREAM!

Not everyone may think like you, and just because others may not show full support, it’s YOUR dream, so YOU lead it. Have your mind set on your goals and make it happen no matter what. Find the kinks that need to be made!

Make that ONE decision to change your life. Take over, hire out, dive further into yourself, and GET TO WORK!

As I let go, stopped trying to drag people with me, I GOT SHIT DONE!

You will see what life has in store for you. Look at your dreams and goals. They were placed in your heart for a reason. No one else has your ambition, your dreams and goals… it was given to YOU for a reason! What are you going to do with it?

LET GO of those holding you back. If they can’t fit through the door, let them go. They will follow later on, when they’re ready. You will show them what is possible in life! Our dreams are placed in our heart for a reason. It is no one’s job but ours to CHASE THAT DREAM. Only you can see the end result of your dream. Step into your next level of life. Don’t let anything - or anyone - hold you back!

Show them the way, show them how it’s done! You know what’s possible, so prove it. What if stepping through the doorway ALONE, shows them what’s possible? HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Don’t listen to the critics. If the people you’re looking to for validation, haven’t done what you’re hoping to do, their opinion is IRRELEVANT.

If you’ve done the research, done the work, worked the finances, and you’re ready to step through the door, DO NOT let anything stop you! You will regret not taking that step if you listen to the outside voices discouraging you from your dream.

Once you find that you’re in alignment with what you want to do, that is when your life is going to change. Stop doing “the same”. If you are not happy with where you are in life, CHANGE IT! When you follow the dream, they will follow you too.

Talk to you next time!