Shanda Senior Session | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

One thing that I have been so grateful for is the ability to get outside during this time... and long lenses!

We have been in Social Isolation since Friday, March 13 and it has been quite a ride. Now I'm not much of a superstitious person, but of all the days for this to happen?!

I must say that I haven't been too bothered by it. I'm not one that ventures out a ton, but I am one that needs social interaction on the daily. Home School just doesn't cut it in these parts!

The kids that have struggled a lot with all of this going on are the Seniors. I mean, their entire world just got flipped upside down! Sports, dances, and all social activities have been cancelled. Thus far there is no pending date as to when the graduation ceremony might be held, but this time will go down in history.

Ten years from now all of the missed opportunities may not mean as much, but for today, this is the world they know and it definitely wasn't as they planned.

Senior photos are one thing that is still in our control thus far in Southern Utah and having the opportunity to go outside and capture each and every one of them to celebrate this milestone brings tears to my eyes.

I understand that photography isn't an essential part of life, but it is an essential part to document our history to pass this along to generations to come.

We will all get through this and it will pass! Seniors of 2020 will certainly go down in history and what a fun story they will have to tell!

Shanda is definitely no exception to this. She is on the Softball team which rolls during this Spring semester and she said it sucks, but it will pass!