Shifting your Money Mindset | Braving the Mountain Podcast

Shifting my money mindset has been one of the biggest accomplishments I've been working on this year. Now I say accomplishment, but let's be real, I still have the same old thoughts pop into my head and I'm still learning. Having a breakthrough around my money mindset this year was HUGE for me! I've been stuck in the scarcity thing for so long that it's time to move along and get the things I want out of life. Now don't get me wrong, chasing down a dream + braving the mountain is scary, but once we realized that it is our own limiting beliefs and thoughts that are actually holding us back, we can push forward. The biggest step I had to take this year was becoming very aware of the thoughts I was having. We may not be able to control the first thought that pops into our head, but we can certainly control the next. So think about the thoughts that are popping into your head. Are they negative or positive? Do you keep telling yourself "One day I'll have the money for that" or "Oh, we can't afford that?"

Or do you make excuses because you don't want to admit to wanting more money by saying, "Money can't buy happiness?"

If that's the case like it was with me, let's figure this shiz out so we can get where we want to go! Now that we are aware of the thoughts, let's reframe them. Instead of saying "Someday" or "Money can't buy happiness," let's shift it into "I'm making progress toward" or "Money supports my happiness."

Do you see how by just changing up the thoughts in our heads slightly, it can start to change our feelings around money? I was seriously the worst when it came to negative thoughts and I believe a lot of it stemmed from my childhood. I was raised by a single mom who at one point was working three jobs to make ends meet. If what they say is true, your beliefs around money are solidified around the age of 8. Can they be changed? Yes, but I'll be the first to say that it's a lot of work, but since we are already on our way to change, let's set a new intention and make things happen mmmmkay? You can listen to more on the Podcast here as well: