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Sippin' Smoothies and Building Business | An Interview with Realm Foods

In today’s episode of Brave The Mountain Podcast, we are talking with Realm Foods! I’m so excited to get to know these ladies and learn more about wellness, smoothies, and BOSS BABES!

I LOVE the aspect of talking the work/life balance. These ladies are the perfect fit for this conversation.

Elise and Lauren met several years ago, feeling like they were just running out the door, doing the quick, busy routine -- wreaking havoc on their health. They realized this will NOT serve us well in the long run.

They asked themselves, but I challenge YOU to ask YOURSELF -- What can I change to serve myself WELL?

Their biggest drive for their business in Realm Foods was health + wellness. This is their dream! As you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear all the deets, but they did just as we did -- had themselves and their families in mind when creating their product. They found the shift, and made baby steps until they reached their dreams! It’s always a process, however, it gets you there!!

Now let’s talk about breaking into the big market. It can be SCARY! They started out with the idea -- what do people NEED?! Growth is intimidating. It’s intimidating at the start, and all throughout the process! But don’t let it stop you from chasing the dream. Those big companies with the big following on social media all started SOMEWHERE. You will never get THERE, if you don’t start RIGHT HERE. Let’s just put one foot in front of the other, and the road will keep appearing. You DON’T need to see the whole street before you take that first step.

There’s a sense of needing to be “enough” to get started, but it’s NOT TRUE. It’s so important to challenge yourself, allow growth, invite a team member, and WORK TOWARDS YOUR GOAL! Nobody is doing it on their own, and nobody knows exactly what they’re doing either!

Find your WHY. Find your why, and don’t stray from it! There can be so many easier + faster ways to produce the product you’re after, but is that REALLY what you’re wanting? Sometimes, putting in the extra effort to spend a little more time, a little more focus, and maybe a little more money can be WORTH it to stick to your WHY and accomplish your DREAM.

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