Snow Canyon Child Session

Snow Canyon has quickly become my most favorite place to shoot! There is a $25 fee for anyone thinking about it! Totally worth it though; I mean look at this backdrop? Why not use the beautiful scenery around us as a background for your images?! I may live in Cedar City, but I am always happy to hop in the car and drive... especially when it leads to warmer weather!

This gal was a doll and I love how her blue dress makes that red hair pop + allows her to stand out against the background. We got there too close to sunset for my comfort (it was literally a last minute shoot) so we had to hustle!

Regardless of the hustle, I am so happy with the images captured and she was a dream to photograph!

I always love photographing children because they need very little instruction + always show their true emotions in that moment! I just let them be them and capture the moment!