Southern Utah Couples Photographer | photographing couples is my super power

Love changes so much over the years and so do people. When you get married you learn together, grow together, and enjoy the journey of life with each other.

It's like getting a comfy pair of jeans + breaking them in. They quickly become your favorite because they hug you in allll the right places.

It's the same with a relationship. It never stays the same and you should document your journey along the way... spice things up a little ya know?!

I can always feel when my couples arrive in good spirits with one another. Yes, sometimes it's us girls dragging our men to these things, but gosh it makes a difference when you've got a guy that is a good sport!

I love to have you love on each other and capture all the feels between you two. It gives you that little reminder to slow down because life gets crazy and you can just enjoy each other for a moment.... yes, with a camera in your face, but I promise I don't make it awkward ;)

Once you have kids it seems unless you are planning regular get aways, it's nice to have that little reminder that the fire still exists! Most couples realize that they haven't taken that time to slow down and truly look into each other's eyes that day + they thank me after for asking them to truly look at their other half.

These two were no exception + it was so fun to photograph them together. He wasn't too keen on wanting to walk in the water, but he was a good sport + she bribed him with ice cream after ;)

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