Dane and Gabby | Utah Engagement Photographer | Cedar City

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Oh these two.... I had such a blast capturing their story for them. They are adorable together and so smitten. I absolutely love photographing couples because we can keep it sweet and innocent or get a little saucy.

I always love when my couples aren't afraid to get a little on the saucy side for some photos. I feel like these capture the fire you have for one another and these two are no exception.

They pulled up next to me at our session location + excitedly jumped out of the car to say hi.... ok, Gabby was the excited one anyways! ha Dane was a good sport, but feeling a little out of his element.

I said, "If you want to shut your car off we will start walking." She said the battery was having problems and they needed to leave it on so it wouldn't die! haha Anyone else been there + done that?! I sure have!

Anyways, Dane kept saying how bad he was at taking photos during the session and you guys, I'm here to tell you I'm pretty sure he was lying because I am in LOVE with these images.

You don't have to be a model to get your photos taken, you don't have to tell your kids to be on their best behavior, and you don't need to stress about being anything other than yourself when you book a session with me.

I'm not the photographer that will pose you + make you smile at the camera. Life isn't a series of perfectly posed moments and I don't believe that your photos should be either.

I want to capture you and your personality in the most natural way possible in front of a camera! ha Believe me, I'll leave you thinking you had a good time + having photos aren't so bad.

We will dance and twirl, kiss + tickle and laugh A LOT. I love clients that are as breezy as the wind and like to have fun like these two.

Their relationship hasn't been the easiest one to say the least. They both met while working at Costa Vida. She said she was akward + so grateful he stuck it out with her! ha

Six months in, Dane decided that joining the Navy would provide them the best opportunities moving forward and they've been doing the long distance thang ever since as he is stationed in San Diego right now.

The wedding is in December + he will finish the first part of his training in January. After that, it's anyone's guess as to where they will end up, but Gabby is certainly along for the ride and excited about what their future holds.

I couldn't be more excited for them both!!