Moving to Southern Utah

I've gotta hand it to these two because they got my husband who was adamant about not moving anywhere warm and sunny to move! Not that Cedar City is any warmer or sunnier than Cache Valley, but the winters are certainly easier to handle + St George is a hop, skip, and a jump away!

So let's rewind back to 9 1/2 years of our marriage.... Dustin comes home from work and says, "I've got the guy at Peterson Plumbing trying to find me a job in Cedar." Say what?! Let's just say I literally ignored him for nearly a week! I had finally come to peace with dying in Cache Valley and suddenly all of the emotions started rumbling back up again! I'm just a wee bit of an adventurous spirit and believe there is more to experience in life than living in one location!

The following week I realized it was probably time to get in touch with a Realtor and figure out the process of moving long distances... not that 5 hours is far, but still! So Zillow here I come + Mari Eddy, lucky you for having a fantastic headshot taken by Karl Hugh, a man that has also played a significant role in my success down here! Anywho, I asked her what the process was and told her we weren't in a hurry because my husband still needed to find a job. "What does he do?" was her first question and as soon as I told her he was a Plumber, she lined us up with Erik! So... Dustin gives Erik a call around the first of January and he said that they were just leaving on vacation and they would get back with him in two weeks! Two weeks?!? Yes! The. Longest. Two. Weeks. EVER!

Two weeks later... Erik calls to ask Dustin if he'd be able to come down and work with him for a week to see if he was a good fit for the company + the team. Dustin said sure because he actually already had the time off for something else. He came down, worked for a week, worked a trade show for White Peaks the last half, worked out the details with Erik and we were down here March 11!!

The thing that blew me away was how right this decision felt. Ya know, you usually pray about things, ponder, pray, wish, hope, etc... and you never feel like you get a clear answer as to what the heck to do. Well, this one was different -- we KNEW we were supposed to move to Cedar City and we would later have to figure out the why. I've never had a more black and white answer to something and it just made sense. Guys, I gotta tell you the move has been wonderful! The people that have been placed in our lives have been nothing short of a blessing. I feel that we are placed in people's paths for a reason. How smoothly the entire transition went moving down here still blows me away. We went from speculating to moved in about 8 weeks time. Every thing had to work perfectly for it to fall into place so smoothly + I am SO grateful it did!

Thank you to everyone that has been placed in our paths. You have not only made the transition to moving away from family better, but you have taken care of us in times of need + helped us plant some roots in a new community which we have grown to love! Thank you to Erik for being a fantastic boss + putting up with a LOT of crap from the boys! You are beautiful people inside and out! Schedule