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Spring is on it's way | Cedar Breaks Wildflower Festival | Southern Utah

Gosh, it feels like Spring is finally on it's way and one of our favorite things to do is go to the Wildflower Festival at Cedar Breaks.... technically this is during summer so if you're planning to visit Cedar City, this will give you a fun little activity to do with the family.

Usually by the time the festival is during the first part of July, but last year it got postponed due to snow. This year has been a nice winter so fingers crossed it will happen as planned.

During July, it is nice to head up the mountain and enjoy some cooler weather for a few hours. It really doesn't take long to see everything, but there is a short little hike.(sketchy if you have kids that aren't used to hiking because it does have drops off the edges), but the beautiful views of Cedar Breaks are well worth the jaunt.

There are also paved walks to stroll along and see the sites! It's always green and so many colorful flowers paint the meadows. The kids and I love it. You can get little workbooks when you check in and it tells you about all of the flowers that you might see. My kids love asking what kind of flower each one is and finding it in the book.

You can walk all through the park and cross the road to see more in the meadows with all of the pine trees. I'm telling you guys it is so, so pretty.

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