Steer your own ship in life | Braving the Mountain Podcast | Southern Utah

Did you know… you’re the average income of the five people you hang with the most? If you feel down in the dumps, or find yourself negative all of the time… check in with the people you hang out with.

In Dan Graziosi’s podcast, he tells us to take control of the wheel and steer our own ship! Not everyone may understand why we do the things we do in life, and may not understand our dreams and goals.

We may not have the same goals or aspirations as our friends, but when we give in to their opinions, is it really helping us reach OUR goal? Or is it actually taking us further away from our goal, and getting closer to THEIRS? When we give up our dreams (even if it’s a small step away), for the opinion of others, we’re really just handing over the wheel.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Grab a pen + paper (notes on your phone works too)

  • Write down your beliefs

Now, ask yourself…

Is this serving you, or causing you turmoil? Where did that belief come from?

If the belief is still serving you, and you believe it to your core, then DON’T let it go! But, if that belief is causing you stress, let that shiz go + find a new belief to replace it!

When it comes to stressing over judgement of others, the only ones worrying about it is… US! Start letting go of worry, judgement, and find what you truly believe + enjoy in life! It will feel like a million pounds lifted off your shoulders, just like it did for me. Now, I can chase my dreams and goals because I know why I’m doing what I am.

NO ONE ELSE has to live your life. If you live it for THEM, will you be resentful in the end? Will you really accomplish the things you wanted? Do you have time for that, or do you have dreams to chase?

I finally decided for myself to distance myself from the negative influences in my life, and find people who had a growth mindset. Check your circle!

Take some massive action toward building a life we LOVE!