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Tasi Old Fashioned Dress | Cedar City, UT Photographer

Southern Utah Child Photographer, Natural Light, Studio, Kids

You guys, I have photographed this sweet girl ever since she was in her mama's belly! She is the apple of her parent's eye + their in vitro miracle after 40.

This girl has been so fun to watch and see how much she has changed over this past year and a half. I remember I was in Salt Lake City for a training retreat when I was working with Clarity Lane. It was the turning point for my business + the first client to really help me realize my worth. I still haven't told them this.

Dad called to say they were expecting and wanted to book a Pregnancy, Birth Story, and Newborn session. I was wigging out because I didn't value myself and I truly thought as soon as I gave them the price for all three, they would say thank you and move along.

They didn't.... he said, "Ok, what do you need from me to book?" When I got of the phone I looked at Cindy (Clarity Lane's owner at the time) and said, "They booked ALL three!!"

If you don't know Cindy, she is the girl that will join in on your excitement + be happy for all of your accomplishments. She's seriously the best and she cheered me on in that moment as I cried happy tears.

These sweet parents bring me their girl every couple of months with a new idea + a darling dress they conjure up and have made. Dad said no to pageants so this was moms compromise. I will not complain one bit because not only do I get to watch this girl grow, I get to see mom and dad as well who are so fun to hang with during sessions. We love chatting fitness + food!

This session was hilarious! They decided to try a new seamstress and things didn't go exactly as planned. The dress ended up too long in length as well as the sleeves so Tasi tripped so many times. If there is one thing I can say about this girl it is that she is tough. At one point she face-planted on the ground and instead of getting up, she just lay there until someone pulled her back up + she still had a huge smile on her face.

Utah Natural light photographer, Cedar City, UT, Pioneer Dress, Pram, Seamstress

Toward the end she was tired of the dress + hat so we took them off and boy, she was the happiest baby alive!

I absolutely love photographing kids because there is never any guessing with them. They give it to you straight and never hide the way they feel. If only we can all be like that right? The world would be a different place for sure!

Thank you, thank you again for the opportunity to watch your baby girl grow! It is one of the best parts about my 'job.'


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