Teach Your Kids to Live Life on Purpose

I’ve always been that dreamer in believing that life could look different than the conventional model we see everywhere. Who’s with me? Anyone?

Our journey transitioning from The Hunting Fam to ColdStrike has definitely been trial and error, and “learn-as-we-go”. I can honestly say… I didn’t know if we’d get to this point! I couldn’t really see the dream come into play until we started setting a goal for Dustin to quit his full-time job out of the home. We really wanted to provide clothing for families that was both functional and comfortable, as we quickly learned in our hunting journey as a family, it was something definitely needed! We enjoy our time on the mountain together as a family, and we want others to as well! This is our way to venture out to something new for us, while sharing what we love with other families at the same time!

So.. our dream 2 years ago is officially coming true… Dustin is officially becoming an entrepreneur in just 6 short weeks! Do we know exactly what we’re doing? No! But we have our goals + plan in mind and are willing to do whatever necessary to make it work. Making it work might be a little different than we set off to do originally… Are we ready for the ebbs and flows, the reality of entrepreneurship? I sure hope so!! But the best part of all of this is, we’re teaching our kids (and ourselves!) to chase those dreams and always move forward. We are not perfect at any of this, but we teach the things we need to learn right?

We want to be the example to teach our kids to live on purpose. To realize that life doesn’t have to be the 9-5 grind and we can do whatever we set our hearts on. Make a plan, work hard at it, be present, and laugh a lot!

Lean into the fear + going after it anyways. One step at a time + one day at a time. We may not know what the future holds, but we do know that we are going to give it hell! We know what that dream is -- so let’s go get it.

Who wants to brave the mountain with us? You’ve got this!