The Mindset you need to hire a coach | Southern Utah Business Coach and Podcast Educator

Today Kylee joined me for a great chat about all things business and life with kids in tow. She was the first Business Coach I hired + she helped me accomplish so many things and get over so many limiting beliefs.

For those of you that don't know who Kylee is, she's a mama whose hubs sold his Xbox and bought her her first camera 10 years ago. She has grown from being a solopreneur to having a full Associate team of brand, wedding, and family photographers.

She has been educating women in the business and Photography industry for 7 years all while growing a family for the past 9.

She loves finding that balance between family and work + helping other mamas do the same through her coaching as well as her Podcast, Kylee Mentors Moms.

We discuss coaching and getting in the right mindset before you drop a ton of money you aren't ready to get your value out of mentally, how successful business aren't built as a one-man show, and how to be an amazing mom and business owner.

Success is defined however you define it. You get to decide what you want your life to look like and Kylee has done just that + gives us a behind the scenes peek at what her life on the daily looks like and how she's willing to ask those closest to her for their help as well as what her team tasks look like. I don't know about you, but I always love a behind the scenes peek at successful businesses because if you're like me, you might think they just do it all on their own. I mean, I was sure relieved when I learned that bit of information because I was at a point of complete overwhelm when I first hired Kylee.

She's an amazing coach and mama that loves building community and lifting other mamas up along the way.

The things you will learn from this episode is:

  1. Mindset is key to everything

  2. The more you lean into your own journey and what you are being called to do, the better it will be and the further you'll go.

  3. You can be an amazing mom AND run an amazing business.

Lots of goodness packed into this one so have a listen!

Kylee was also kind enough to share her free training with you here:

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