The three best adjustments we made with our kids | Southern Utah Photographer

I had been racking my brain for trying to decide how to implement the things I've been wanting to for a while. It seems that life always gets in the way and we are running like crazies so being forced to slow down was helpful in this case.

There are three things that I jumped at the chance to implement and I am so glad I dove in without thinking twice. Getting it done over making it perfect worked in my favor here + I wish I could do this with everything in life.

It's funny how when we are backed into a corner we sometimes have to jump into action without thinking twice.

Here are the four things that I immediately started and they helped so much:

1. Setting a schedule: My kids thrive being on a set schedule and I couldn't just tell them what we were going to do; I had to write it all down for them. I tried to keep it simple and I only wrote down what time we would begin school, the times each of their teachers were offering Zoom sessions, and when we would be eating breakfast and lunch based on the bus drop-off times.

Something else my kids have loved is scheduling Zoom meetings with cousins and friends! They love to all gather around the Ipad and be able to see everyone.

2. Operation "Reset House:" Ya know when you ask your kids to clean their room and you get the eye roll with a little groan? Well, the moment I started saying, "Let's reset the house for tomorrow" they jumped to action. I don't know if it was putting it in different word form, but it worked and I'm gonna roll with it! Try rephrasing the tasks your kids hate doing and see what happens ;) Don't forget to come back and let me know what those were!

3. Quiet Time in bed: My kids LOVE to read and they also love any opportunity to stay up a little later! We used to read books every night and when life got in the way, things started to get put on the back burner.

Now with this home school thing, I am realizing how much having that 30 minutes in the evenings has helped me and the hubs chill and have the opportunity to talk. Anyone else's brain start working the moment their heads hit the pillow? Every now and then Dustin would fall asleep in the middle of our chats so being able to sit down at 7:30 in the evening and have that time to ourselves before bed has been fantastic!

One other thing that this opportunity has opened us up for is the chance to do things together that we wouldn't otherwise. For one of Kenna's classes she had to make cookies and it was fun to be able to do it altogether.