Three Month Milestone Session with Puppies | Cedar City, Utah Child Photography

You guys, the day I photographed this baby girl in my studio I'm pretty sure I melted into a puddle. Mama asked me if we could do a photo shoot with puppies and of course I said YES!!!

Baby Girl, Puppies, 3 months, Milestone, Natural Light Studio, Southern Utah

This is the sweet little four pound baby I photographed just three months ago. I cannot believe how fast time flies and how much she has grown. She is starting to smile and coo. Oh how I miss those days at times.

The only difficult thing about wanting to photograph a 3 month old with puppies is that they are much harder to put to sleep and wake more easily when you move them! I'll give this girl some credit though, she was a champ!

Puppies, Baby Girl, Southern Utah, Photography Studio, Photographer

It may have taken us longer to get her to sleep than the puppies, but it was totally worth it. Me and my kids spent some time before the session running around with the puppies to wear them out. By the time mama arrived, they were beat + ready to sleep!

We started with just one puppy and then slowly added more as they fell asleep in mama's arms. I am so glad she was willing to help. I don't think there would have been any way I could have wrangled six babies on my own! There was only one of them that never wanted to cooperate.

Once we got them all to sleep, they were pretty much putty and let us move them wherever we wanted.... Georgia on the other hand did not. So, we left her still and moved the puppies around where we wanted them and we were quite pleased that the effort it took paid off!

By the end of it we all looked like sweaty hot messes, but at least we had a blast hanging in the studio!