Tips on getting yourself out of a funk | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

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Do you ever get in what feels like a brain fog and you have so many things going through your mind, but you don't know how to sort them out?

I get this way sometimes, it used to be at least once or twice a month and it would last for nearly a week. I would be so unproductive during that time and get so frustrated which in turn.... made me even more unproductive. I felt like a hamster on a wheel running circles.

As I started to watch patterns in my behavior, I started finding triggers, and soon after I found things that shifted my behavior back and pulled me out of it.

I have really been doing a lot of work on myself not only physically lately, but mentally. As I've traveled down the journey on self-improvement, I have begun learning a lot about myself as well as those deep-rooted habits that have been with me since adolescence.

I am quickly learning to replace this old habits with some new ones. Here is what has helped me get myself out of the funk faster...


I have loved quotes ever since I can remember. I had a notebook full of them that I had been collecting since 8th grade. Sadly, I lost the notebook in our last move two years ago so I've been compiling them online.

Reading them helps pull me out of that funk and put me back in a more productive mood. I will look up my new collection of quotes on my Pinterest board and read through a few. It usually triggers my mind and I can conjure up captions + post ideas in a jiffy which then snowballs into being able to whip up a blog post as well!

02. Walking

Another thing that I've loved is going on a short ten or fifteen walk. Sometimes I'll listen to an audiobook and sometimes my brain just needs me and my thoughts. Lately, I have felt a little more overstimulated and some quiet is a nice reprieve.

03. Podcasts

Sometimes I'll take a walk with a Podcast and other days I'll listen to it before bed or while I'm editing.

Some days I like my listen to be a little more mild + other days I need a little Gary Vee to tell me to get my shiz together and put my head on straight. A little shock to the system with his blunt words can certainly pull me out of it in a hurry!

I know what I want in life and how to get there, I've just gotta shift some habits to make it happen. Persistence is key and for me, I need systems put into place to get it done!