Trey Senior Session | Southern Utah Photographer

Senior Session, Three Peaks, Cedar City, Utah, Photography

I just wanna let you know that if you do book a Senior session with me, you better believe I’m gonna tell you to come camera ready mama!

This might be the last time you talk your kid into taking photos for a long while and there’s nothing I love more than making sure you exist in photos because like me, we typically end up being the ones behind the camera 90% of the time right?

So, when this mama reached out to book Trey’s session, I told her to come prepared for me to add her to a few images. This is one moment in life that we are all over documenting for our kids, but what about us? Do we exist in photographs?

Trey was a blast to photograph. Mom warned me that he absolutely hates having his photo taken and this was his first solo shoot. I hope I didn’t fail at my mission of you having a quick, fun, and painless session with me! I asked him if it was horribly painful and his response, “I don’t know, this is my first one!” ha Ok, ok, I’ll take it and I’m gonna spin that around into something positive because at least he didn’t say, “this is terrible” right?

Anyways, what a fun time of year Spring is! Everyone is excited because the school year is coming to an end and graduation is creeping up and here’s the thing… I don’t feel like you as Seniors need to have your life figured out right away.

Trey talked about possibly joining the military and I think that’s awesome! You never know what you want until you get out there and discover not only who you are, but who you want to become. It took me until my 30s to really dive deep and decide where I want to go in life + I feel like there’s a lot of life still left to live. You are all only 18 or 19 years old and if you don’t have it all decided, then get out there and try a bunch of new things. I might eat my words later once my kids graduate and want to roam the world (insert crying emoji here at how close it’s getting), but for now, it sounds to me like a great idea + something I wish I would have done more of at that age.

So, happy graduation from one phase of life! I sure hope you get out there and find what fires you up, makes you happy, or gives you greater purpose in life and chase that shiz down with everything you’ve got!