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Utah Newborn Photographer | Cedar City Utah

Meet Jasper and Naomi-- two great people living in good ol' Cedar City Utah! I love their story, perhaps because it is similar to mine + they are also treading the waters of the unknown!

They have now been dating for about 9 months at the time of their session + kudos for jumping in together! It's terrifying getting pregnant + unsure of what the future holds! Starting a relationship or marriage off with a wee one is definitely tough, but it's the willingness to fight for something great that makes all the difference in the world (in my opinion)!

These two are both some of the sweetest people I've met and there is nothing better than seeing a big tough guy melt when he holds a life that he created. This little is so lucky to have two people that love him so much already!

It still amazes me how everyone's story is so different! Many are similar, but all deserve to be documented beautifully because they are all unique! I get to meet so many different people from all spectrums of life + I love it!

This baby boy was absolute perfection the entire session + could mama get any more breathtaking?

I love having my studio that I can create in + photograph you beauties year round in! I enjoy creating images that are classic, timeless, and simple! I'm not a big prop lover because I love capturing the emotion more.

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