Welcoming 2020 with baby steps | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

I've never really been into New Year's resolutions or choosing a specific word for the year. Setting some big resolution seems so definite. When I set a big goal I want to reach, I need baby steps to get there. Small goals that I can use as stepping stones along the way!

My stepping stones or baby steps keep me motivated because I am still accomplishing something + if I fail, I don't get too discouraged because I can try something different without feeling like I failed completely.

As I think about this year and the things I want to accomplish, there are some baby steps that will help along the way + a word that has been ringing in my head for the past week and the word is intention.

Toward the end of this past year I struggled fighting old habits. As a teen I loved to surf the web to find great deals on clothes and as a young mom I would search the web daily to find the best deals on clothing for my kids. I would get to the end of my day and look back wondering what I accomplished yet feeling like I was so "busy."

As Christmas crept closer, the old habit started creeping in a little bit. I would begin typing a blog post or doing something online and an idea on something I wanted to get someone would pop into my head and before I knew it, hours had gone by and I was still searching for the best deal I could find. I quickly learned that the grass isn't always greener when hours of time get lost.

Now I recognize what I'm doing, but I used Christmas shopping as my excuse to not stop myself. I didn't buy what I needed and call it a day. I looked and looked sometimes for a few hours a couple days in a row before making a purchase. I wasted way too much time.

So, this year as I strive to move forward with more intention I will work to apply it to all aspects of my life and business.

Purchasing with more intention: Yes, I will still find the best price I can, but I will be budgeting to buy something that will last over what is the cheapest. We have done this with a few items we have needed and the extra money saved + spent was well worth the need to buy three of the same item because it broke or quit working.

Working with intention: My life coach taught me a great tip to control my time better... set timers for everything. Write a list of things that need to be done and prioritize them by importance or urgency.

Once I have my list written out for the day, decide how much time I need to spend on each item and I set a timer. Once that timer goes off for one item move to the next. Items not completed that day will stay on the list for tomorrow. Again, baby steps for completing that list!

No phone zone in office: Another small step that has helped me + I will continue on for 2020 is making my office a no phone zone. Every ding or text I hear is just a distraction and I ALWAYS check it and then get sucked right back in.

Being intentional about time with family + friends: One thing I struggled with last year was making more time to sloooow down. When we finally took a minute to breathe over the holiday break it reminded me how much I missed it and spending time with my friends even if it's going to dinner once a month.

My true joy comes from spending time with the people that mean the most and I definitely got a little lost in the busyness of life the last few months. It's time to refocus and find the best balance I can to make it happen.

I am looking forward to 2020 and the new adventures it might bring! Here's to being more intentional in my life this year + remembering what really matters most.

Thanks for being here! Let's make 2020 a great one!