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What to Expect for your Newborn Session

Good morning all of you beautiful people! Happy first day of February + I couldn't be more excited! It means that spring is well on it's way!

I wanted to tell you a little bit about what to expect for your Newborn Session! I get so many questions beforehand that I thought I would answer most of them in the shortest + simplest way possible for you!

My newborn sessions are designed to capture your baby's first days of life in a unique and creative way. I know the importance of preserving these moments and nothing does that more beautifully than newborn photography. I will provide you with an unforgettable experience while creating stunning portraits that capture you and the life you created. Contact me to schedule your session today. ​


My style is very simple, clean, and timeless. I am very minimalistic and do not use many props. I like to keep the emphasis on your baby. I keep my color palette very neutral by using soft colors such as white, creams, grays, and pastels. Every now and then I like a good plum, brown, or dark blue to capture a rich image!


I recommend capturing newborn portraits when your baby is under two weeks of age. This is the best time because your baby is very sleepy and flexible which is good for those curled-up poses. I work with newborns up to 6 weeks of age, but keep in mind that we may not be able to get those sleepy, curled poses once they are older.

I generally recommend scheduling your session before you have your baby. I know that you never know when that sweet new bundle will arrive, but we can always adjust when you deliver.


I use props and materials that are gentle on your baby's skin and everything is washed after each session with detergents free of chemicals.

I have a large selection of dresses for mom and baby's siblings!

If you wish to dress yourself, opt for neutral colors!

For parents who do not wish to be included in the images.... DRESS FOR SUMMER! The studio will be a nice 80 degrees, so even if it is winter outside, it will be summer inside ;)


Newborn sessions last 2-2 1/2 hours. They can be shorter or longer depending on baby. I keep newborn portraits simple. Your baby's safety is the most important thing to me.


Professional photo retouching is included in your session. I focus on keeping your images natural and will edit to your liking. Flaky baby skin is a part of being a newborn. To help minimize it in your images, I keep Aquaphor and baby lotion on hand. If you would like all flaky skin removed, please let me know.

I love, love, love Newborn Sessions and I want to thank all of you for putting your trust in me to photograph such a beautiful time in your life!

With Love,


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