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What to wear for Family Pictures!

It seems that the hardest part about getting your pictures taken is choosing what to wear + making sure everything meshes together in the end! Most people don't realize how much of an impact the clothing you wear has on your final images. Sometimes we look at an image and know that something is bothering us without truly realizing why. A lot of times, for me anyways, is the clothing that the people in the images are wearing.

When you are planning your session, you want your outfits to be cohesive, but not matchy matchy! I always say to avoid mixing too many patterns or wearing clothing with big logos as they are distracting.

Below are some of my favorite sessions + I love the family's clothing choices! Some people have great fashion sense + I'm not one of them!

If you are booking a studio session with me, I have a large selection of dressed for moms sizes 2-12, girls 0-12, and boys 0-4 years. I always tell dad to wear a solid shirt in a neutral color and his favorite jeans! I want to keep it as simple as possible for you mamas out there so you have less stress preparing + always trying to keep clothes clean for the car ride! I'm not sure how on earth my kids can get into a car clean and end up with something down the front of them before we arrive at our destination!

Just pick three complimentary colors and go from there! I love the neutrals because they are simple + timeless!

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