What will school look like in 2020

Well, school was supposed to start on Monday but due to a shipping delay, the cleaning supplies ordered back in March won't arrive on time and they postponed school to wait for them.

We are truly living in unprecedented times and the world is a wild place right now. I have both excitement and fear over what this school year will look like for our kids.

I am excited for them to see their friends and be able to have a social life again, but I am also nervous at the lack of safety a mask could provide if a predator was to try to take a child.

They won't let kids wear hoodies in school due to safety reasons, but I feel a mask provides more risk than having a hood on top of their head. Some things just don't seem to make sense in my head.

Perhaps I am a little more on edge now that I have learned what a huge problem Child Trafficking is in my own country and incidences that have happened much too close to home.

Regardless of this, I will stick to believing that we are all doing the best we know how + pray that all good things come of it and I'm grateful to know that kid-kid and kid-adult transmission is very minimal based on many studies that have been conducted during all of this.

To all of you teachers this year, I know you can handle anything better than I can! Doing the home school thing was not my forte + trying to be your own kids teacher... not for me!

This year will be one for the books and will certainly look a little different than years past, but we will get through and I'm grateful in knowing that they will get the best education possible with the cards we have been dealt.