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Why Book a Studio Session for Your Family | Cedar City, UT Photographer

As much as I hate to say it, winter is quickly approaching and the weather will be much chillier than the beautiful fall we are enjoying right now. Although outdoor sessions may not be as enjoyable with kids during this time of year, I am so happy that I have a studio space to offer you where we can create timeless, classic photos and forget about the chill in the air here in Cedar City.

Family, Natural Light Studio, Cedar City, Utah, Photographer

There are a few things I love about studio sessions and I have listed them for you below:

1. Gorgeous + Even Lighting: When we do your session indoors, we don't have to worry about the light. Yes, I do use natural light and it's helpful when it cooperates, but, I also have studio lights if things get dire!

Regardless, I have full control over our indoor surroundings vs outdoor.

2. No Rescheduling: If you know Utah.. or Mother Nature, you may know that they can be a bit moody at times! The great thing about being in studio is there is no wind, snow, rain, or crazy weather changes at any given moment.

Your hair stays looking great and all is well! We are free to move around as needed and don't need to worry about anything but capturing your Beauty Behind Life's Chaos so you can enjoy the memories for years to come.

3. Happy Kids: As much as my kids love to play in the snow, it's not always enjoyable when you aren't all cozied up in waterproof snow clothes! Taking family photos with red-nosed kids isn't always fun.

Family, Photographer, Southern Utah

When the kids are miserable, it shows and it stresses mama out. Inside, we control the climate + everyone is comfortable.

My studio is all white and is surrounded by windows allowing tons of natural light to flow in. I have a couch for those cozy, lifestyle type photos as well.

For mama's and daughters, I have a full selection of dresses sizes 2-12 and they are stunning! I can also dress girls up to 10 years.

I absolutely love capturing your story in a timeless, classic way. These images will look beautiful on your walls for many years to come.

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