Ten Reasons Why Candid Photos Are My Favorite | Southern Utah Photographer

The Beauty Behind Life's Chaos is what I am here to capture. The real. The you. Life isn't a series of perfectly posed moments and your images shouldn't be either. I'm giving you ten reasons why candid moments are my most favorite thing to photograph!

1. They show life as it really is. Raw + emotional. Have kids? They might be screaming during your session.... you never know what you are going to get, but one thing I do know, we will capture something real!

2. Candid photos evoke emotion when you look at them. When looking back on perfectly posed images you feel all of the stressful emotions it took to get that perfectly crafted pose + everyone smiling. It might even make your blood pressure rise a little.

3. We create an experience for your family to enjoy instead of telling the kids to smile on repeat. I give you a little direction + let the moment unfold while you enjoy + I capture the magic! This makes it more fun for mom, dad, and the kids!

4. You have the ability to do you! Don't follow a trend because everyone else is. Well they're getting allll the posed images so why not join them!? No way! You be you as real as can because that is what matters most. We want to capture the fun instead of reminiscing about the stress.

5. Less head swaps friends! Head swaps take a lot of time + cost you extra dollars so save yo-self some $$ and have a good time instead! No swapping necessary!

6. Candid photos allow your kids to be themselves without the fear that they might be doing something wrong. We all hear it, mom saying, "Smile! No, not that cheesy fake smile. Smile your real smile," and it leaves all of the kids with these awkward, "I don't know what the heck I'm doing" smiles. Ya know what I'm sayin?! #deerinheadlights

7. Candids are SO much less stressful for Mom and Dad. Mom can leave everything to me and Dad will be happy knowing that his chances of being in the dog house will be greatly reduced this time around! No awkward smiles here folks because this session is going to be genuine!

8. You can pass down photos that show what life was really like. Your beautiful legacy to leave to future generations-- not a series of perfectly posed images that leave them wondering if your kids ever cried or mom ever got angry.

9. You are going to leave your session happier! We all know that for a lot of men, photo sessions just aren't their thing. Well, most Dads have told me after their session ended that, "this was the best session we've ever had!" I also get the, "That wasn't bad at all!"

10. Candid photo sessions will leave you feeling like you just spent an hour dedicated to your kids + having a fun time together! No need to stress + wonder if you captured any "good photos" because you bet your bottom dollar we did! You had a fun time with your kids + I captured it all. You are going to get alllll the feels when you reminisce on these images because you had a great time creating them!

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