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A few reasons why we should be more like kids | Southern Utah Studio Photographer

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They are themselves no matter what others think: Any time I get the opportunity to photograph kids I am so excited! You just never know what you are going to get other than their true selves.

I feel like sometimes in life we go from being so secure in who we are and then the world gets a hold of us + makes us question that. We go through school and then graduate from high school.

After high school we cycle back to who we were to begin with as we become our true selves again, but what would the world look like if we just stayed true and not let others influence who we are?

This is one thing I love about kids + one thing I wish I could have stuck with a lot sooner than now, but hey, we get the opportunity to teach the new generation to stay true to themselves and never let anyone change that right?!

It seems that 2020 is the year everyone wants to be more true to themselves and they say forget judgement because they don't care anymore or it could be the fact that this is one of my goals as well and I'm noticing it more now than ever. Either way friends, don't forget who you are deep down inside your soul.

They aren't afraid to ask for what they want: Ever have a kid eyeball that food you are eating until you offer them one or they flat out ask if they can have it? I sure have + my kids do it all the time.

Now this doesn't have to apply to food alone, but every aspect in life. We are so afraid to ask for what we want at times because we don't want to put someone out or we might be insecure in ourselves perhaps about a job we are going to complete for a client.

Whatever it may be, if you don't ask for it, you cannot get mad at someone for it not happening. No one besides yourself knows what you want so go out and get it!

They are quick to forgive: Ever had your kid get mad at you for something + forgive you in seconds flat? They just go back to life as nothing happened and all is forgotten.

Now I understand in adulthood there may be some larger problems that might take a little more time to work out, but how amazing would it be if we could be a little quicker to forgive small indiscretions?

We would certainly carry a lot less baggage around and the world would be a brighter place for sure!

They are kind to everyone: You know when you take your kids to the park and if there are other kids there, they just jump in and start playing? They don't care what color their skin is, the size of house they live in, or where they came from. All they know is that they have a new friend + tell me all about it on the drive home.

Once we stop looking at people's exteriors and try to get to know what's inside, that's when the world changes. We are all people doing the best we can + everyone deserves a friend... sure there are exceptions, but generally speaking, I like to believe that most people are good and kids do too without question.

They love unconditionally: Sure, they may ask questions about why someone looks or does something a certain way (especially when we are in public), but as soon as I explain that we all look + do things a little differently, they embrace them wholeheartedly.

Gosh, what a characteristic to have. There are always so many lessons I learn from my kids and others. I hope to become an amazing person like them + I hope you do too!

Oh, and can you even handle this girl?!

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