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Newborn, Girl, Baby, Mama and Me, Utah, Natural Light STudio, photography studio, Southern Utah, Cedar City, St George

So, you bring this sweet little baby home from the hospital all excited + terrified to be on your own and boy do you get a rude awakening that first night! That's how it was for me at least. My first was in the NICU for five days so by the time we were able to go back to our own home, we thought we had it made.

We were wrong in every way possible + everything fell apart! I thought our baby would automatically stay on this system of eating every three hours and we would be able to sleep at night.... NOPE!!

Kenna was in the NICU because I had Chorio and she developed an infection while in my belly. She was intubated and later weaned, but I was unable to feed her for the first three days of her life. So... she got real cozy with the binky + my nipple doesn't look a thing like that. When we were finally able to try nursing, she had no idea what she was supposed to latch onto so in comes the lovely nipple shield.

We were on this feeding schedule of every three hours now and she was just dandy in between all feedings. At least that's what I thought, but things get a little different when you roll on home.

Babies don't come with instruction manuals so here I am trying to figure it all out. The discharge instructions became a blur as this new mama and daddy try to get the hang of this being parents gig.

I was now feeding every hour and a half because any time she fussed I thought maybe she was hungry, I had postpartum depression to the max + I was so sleep deprived I was barely functioning.

My question was always, "Am I going to ever be able to get some sleep again?" Friends, this new mom thing is no joke + it is so much more work than they tell you. I had a client come in for Newborn photos the other day and the first thing she said to me was, "You know how they tell you that nothing can prepare you for Motherhood? LITERALLY, NOTHING can prepare you for Motherhood!"

I died laughing because I've been there and done that + how we have four at this point is beyond me, but to answer your question on whether or not you are ever going to sleep again... my answer is yes, my friend, one day you WILL sleep again!

Then... you'll get baby hungry + start all over again!

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Newborn, Girl, Baby, Mama and Me, Utah, Natural Light STudio, photography studio, Southern Utah, Cedar City, St George

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